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Lynn Asselin II


Parabolic Lift Visualization with InCircle Predicate

A self-designed project to visualize a projective technique for testing if a query point is inside a circle. We define a unique circle by three points in . We then project the three cocircular points and the query point onto a paraboloid in . Using the unique hyperplane which passes through our three lifted points, we perform a simple plane-side test on the query point using the determinant of the four points lifted into .

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Multivalued Decision Diagram

A summer project to help me explore the possibility of pursuing the PhD program. The technique for generating constraint satisfaction problem approximations was proposed by Andre A. Cire and Willem-Jan van Hoeve. I began reviewing the work on the recommendation of Dr. Laurent Michel, and made a simple C implementation of an exact MDD which propagates simple linear inequality constraints. This implementation uses the node splitting and filtering algorithms for propagating the constraints.

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Interactive Geometric Algorithm Visualization in a Browser

For this project I assisted Kirk Gardner and Dr. Don Sheehy with implementing a simple, portable sandbox and API for visualizing algorithms from Computational Geometry. The foundation was built from examples given on the p5.js website and extended to support incremental progression and backsteps. A paper for this project was accepted to the Symposium on Computational Geometry (Multimedia Session) 2016.

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Range Search Visualization with a KD-Tree

This visualization is the result of a group project for an Intro to Computational Geometry course during Fall 2015.

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